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Aleim Magazine : The Eternal Defiant Woman

May 31st, 2014     3:57 pm

Hello! Amber Heard is spotlight on the new Aleim Magazine issue! For this occasion, she has been shooted by Tierney Gearon, and she gave an interview that you can read an excerpt below. Visit the official website of Aleim Magazine to read the full interview. Read the rest of this post to watch the behind the scene video below!


I first met Amber Heard five years ago at a benefit for the LA based children’s charity The Art of Elysium. Beautiful, in an ornate and very large corseted red gown that put the whole room at attention. When I commented on her dress, she smiled wryly, and with a touch of irony said “I am from Texas. I like everything big”. I knew immediately that I liked her. It was a few weeks before we were leaving for Argentina to make a movie together. I was the producer, she was the actress, yet she was trying to put me at ease, placing attention on her accessibility rather than aesthetics. Over the years, we have become close friends and I know Amber as a woman of contradictions. She is as cunning as she is stunning, as intelligent as she is kind, a country girl who thrives in the cities, a woman with the energy of a bomb about to detonate who can just as easily spend solitary days alone reading and creating art. She is an everywoman and an extraordinary woman.

I arrive at her duplex apartment in West Hollywood struggling to come up with questions that will properly illustrate the woman I know, and she does it again. She opens the door with that big Amber energy and asks “whiskey or wine?”. She will put me at ease by getting me drunk.

Read More on the official Aleim Magazine’s website!

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