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Amber Heard Lunches with Johnny Depp

May 23rd, 2013     7:03 pm

Hello everyone!! Amber Heard has been spotted yesterday, when she was lunch with Johnny Depp and Keith Richards in West Hollywood. I’ve added the pictures in the gallery. Amber and Johnny seems pretty close! So couple or not couple ? What do you think of that ?


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  • mido

    of course not . she is not dating a man at the age of her grandfather .she is the best beautiful in the world

  • mido

    and she deserve the best .and she is dating woman not men. i love it when you do what you love .i know you love woman. do what you love amber don’t care about what people say

  • Yeah, maybe they are just friend, we don’t known, but she already dated men before!

  • Me

    Of course, they are couple. They were seen on the road to New Mexico on May 30. The fans took pictures with Johnny in a gas station and they commented that he was driving his own car, only accompanied by Amber and Pistol (Amber’s dog)…and also that their dad fell in love with Amber! XD

    • mido

      i am 25 years . this girl is my passion for 8 years ago.I love her more than any thing .and i know her more than anyone .she is a lesbian but people don’t like this so she is trying to be with a man .and she is trying to love this. ”even if this old man johnny returned youth .he doesn’t deserve her” she is ””amber heard”” she is the most pretty and beautiful and adorable and hot and sexy girl in history of the world

  • mido

    even when she go out with him .she doesn’t smile .i think she’s not happy .and she’s trying to convince herself to be with him .he just a friend amber .he’s not your man amber. everyone wants to be close to you .and i am one of them

    • BrooklynTam

      Yeah i paparazzi pics they don’t look happy! w/flashbulbs in your face how could you look happy w/that?!! In personal pics they always look happy.Big difference!