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Johnny Depp Engaged to Amber Heard

May 10th, 2013     11:25 am

Johnny Depp and Amber Heard were recently seen holding hands at a concert and there are rumors that they are engaged. They have been spotted together in various places over the past and and have been in an on/off again secret relationship during this time. Here are some comments from Celebrity Dirty Laundry, that you can read.

In its latest issue OK! magazine claims the couple are about to make it official. Word on the street is that Johnny kept it on the down low this year because he wanted to be respectful to baby mama Vanessa Paradis and he didn’t want Amber to be known as the other woman/mistress for the tenure of their relationship. Kind of late for all that. I wonder if Amber going back and forth between him and her ex-lesbian lover was all a part of the plan to throw the media off the trail. Is Johnny capable of being that sneaky and covert? Talk about least trusted stars..

So how do we feel about the Johnny Depp/Amber Heard announcement? Well, if it was true I’d be blurg. Amber Heard doesn’t do anything for me. Neither did Vanessa Paradis but she at least had something about her. I got his attraction to her super cool/super Parisian vibe there. I don’t so much with Amber. No offense to her. I’m sure she’s a lovely C-list actress but you just expect more from Johnny, right? He’s no George Clooney. He doesn’t slum for sex. Johnny likes talented, creative, in-demand and smart (Winona Ryder, Kate Moss, Vanessa Paradis). If you’re looking for something fun to do, check out the games that they have over at They have some fun online bingo games that you can play. I’m not saying Amber isn’t those things but I’m not saying she is either. Perhaps it’s the aloofness. Amber hasn’t been hitting herself over the head for me to accept or get to know her either and that probably pisses me off more than I’m willing to admit.

Does Amber Heard date Johnny Depp ?

May 1st, 2013     10:48 pm

I’ve added an exclusive candid of Amber Heard and Johnny Depp, where they holds their hands together as they make their way through the crowds at the Rolling Stones surprise concert at the Echoplex on April 27 in Echo Park!! This is the first time that the both are spotted together…


It seems that finally rumor about a relationship between the two co-stars could be true, below you can see the pictures where they are holding their hands together. Are you exiting about this news, or is that a bad news for you ? You can find all the pictures from this exclusive candid in the gallery. 20 pictures have been added in the gallery.


March 16th, 2013     2:13 pm

Hello!! First, I have uploaded new pictures of Amber Heard for her Guess Girl Campaign!! I’ve added two new outtakes and I’ve uploaded one outtakes in HQ. You’ll find the pictures in the gallery.
Below you can also read an article about a new movie project rumor about maybe Amber Heard will join the cast of the movie ‘Fifty Shades of Grey‘ based on the E. L. James’s best seller. Amber Heard could play Kate Kavanagh. And you, will you be excited to see Amber Heard in this movie project ?

Now, there have been suggestions that Amber Heard could be the ideal candidate to play Kate Kavanagh in the Fifty Shades of Grey movie. While some people had mentioned Amber Heard as a possible candidate for Ana in the film, she does seem much more suited to Kate. For those of you who are unfamiliar with the Fifty Shades of Grey books, Kate Kavanagh is the roommate of Anastasia Steele. Kate has strawberry blonde hair and is described as being domineering, persistent, beautiful, vivacious and willing to do whatever it takes to get her own way.

So far, there have been no official castings for the Fifty Shades of Grey movie but, if Amber Heard was to be cast in the role of Kate Kavanagh, you certainly would not hear us complaining, as we feel that she is more than capable of pulling off the role and being a convincing Kate.


Amber Heard in ‘Three Days to Kill’

December 14th, 2012     7:48 pm

Here is a news about a new project for Amber Heard. According to Variety, Amber Heard will play with Kevin Costner for Besson’s ‘Three Days to Kill‘ upcoming movie. You can read an article about it below. Amber Heard has a lot of great project for 2013, I’m impatient to see her in her upcoming movies!!

Amber Heard has booked “Three Days to Kill,” closing a deal to star opposite Kevin Costner in the McG-directed action thriller for EuropaCorp.
Pic will be released in the U.S. by Relativity Media, which is also distributing IM Global’s “Paranoia,” starring Heard and Liam Hemsworth.

Luc Besson and Adi Hasak co-wrote “Kill,” which finds Costner playing a dying Secret Service agent who decides to retire in order to reconnect with his estranged family. Amber Heard will play the woman who offers him access to an experimental drug that could save his life in exchange for one last assignment, which Costner must complete while coping with the drug’s hallucinatory side effects.

EuropaCorp’s Besson and Virginie Besson-Silla are producing with Hasak and Relativity CEO Ryan Kavanaugh, while Relativity prexy Tucker Tooley is exec producing.

In addition to Robert Rodriguez’s “Machete Kills” and Robert Luketic’s “Paranoia,” Heard will soon be seen in the indie “Syrup” alongside Shiloh Fernandez, Kellan Lutz and Brittany Snow. Thesp most recently played Johnny Depp‘s love interest in “The Rum Diary.”


Amber Heard Joins ‘Machete Kills’

May 6th, 2012     12:39 pm

Here is a little news about a new project for Amber Heard in the upcoming Robert Rodriguez‘s movie called ‘Machete Kills‘. Read an article from below!! You can know more about the cast and Amber’s character.

It seems like it’s been forever since Robert Rodriguez had a film out, but his latest ‘Machete Kills‘ starts filming later this month in Austin, and he’s added more women to his grindhouse mix. ‘Modern Family’s’ Sofia Vergara and Amber Heard have just been brought on this week. Danny Trejo returns as Machete along with Michelle Rodriguez and Jessica Alba. Whoever was able to stay alive from the last film will probably also be back in some form, but Mel Gibson is the bad guy this time around, so audiences will be rooting for his gruesome movie death. He gets to play the cunning arms dealer, Luther Voz.

Rodriguez produced, co-wrote and co-directed the first ‘Machete’ movie, but he’ll be directing ‘Machete Kills’ alone this time around from the Kyle Ward script. With him on a film role, could the ‘Sin City‘ sequel be made into a reality soon? Vergara was smart casting as her show is popular, and Rodriguez was kind to give Heard another movie as her last few (The Ward, Rum Diary, Drive Angry) have been pretty lackluster at the box office. This should shine her up a little as she gets to play a manipulative assassin code-named Miss San Antonio. The full description for the sequel is ‘Machete Kills finds the titular ex-federale recruited by the U.S. government to stop a terrorist named Mendez the Madman, who happens to be Mexico’s leading cartel dealer.’ Expect the sequel to hit theaters 2013, and we’ll see if Alex Jones can incite more stories about ‘riots’ coming with the sequel so Matt Drudge can pick it up on his site hoping to get some race wars stories exploding. Failed pretty big last time so we’ll see.