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Tv Guide : The Playboy Club!

January 2nd, 2012     12:57 pm

Here is a video from Tv Guide, taken during a session photoshoot with the cast of The Playboy Club at the 2011 Summer TCA Tour – Day 6. Amber is amazing on this video. I’ve just find one outtake from an other photoshoot of Amber taken for NY Times Magazine in MQ. I have added screencaptures from this behind the scene of Tv Guide!! Enjoy!

‘The Playboy Club’ canceled by NBC

October 7th, 2011     10:23 am

Unfortunally, the new Tv Drama series The Playboy Club has been cancel by NBC just after three episodes. Below you can read the causes. I’m really disapointed by this, and I’m really sad, because I like this series, Amber was amazing in it. And you, what do you think of this new ?

US television network NBC pulled the plug on The Playboy Club on Tuesday after just three episodes, in the face of poor ratings and an outcry from parents who thought the 1960s-themed drama was too hot for prime time.
That is true,” an NBC spokesman said when asked to confirm that the show – starring Amber Heard as a newly-hired but naive Playboy bunny in Chicago – would be replaced with crime-show repeats and a newsmagazine.
The Playboy Club was one of two, heavily-promoted new shows on US network television this season – the other being ABC’s Pan Am – which mimicked the success of Mad Men and its obsessive attention to 1960s style. But The Playboy Club got off to a rough start, with poor reviews from the critics, only 3.4 million viewers on its Monday night time slot, and seven sponsors bailing out after the first episode on September 19.
It also found itself in the crosshairs of the Parents Television Council, a grassroots family-values organisation that had campaigned via the internet for its cancellation.
We’re pleased that NBC will no longer be airing a program so inherently linked to a pornographic brand that denigrates and sexualises women,” the group’s president Tim Winter said in a statement.
The Hollywood Reporter noted however that this was no triumph of activism. Citing instead the show’s poor quality and ratings as the primary causes for the action.
It was bad show, period. The writing was weak, the acting spotty and the sexism too ridiculous and obvious to comment on more than once,” wrote Tim Goodman.
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The Playboy Club Screencaptures

October 3rd, 2011     6:46 pm

Hey!! I have added the screencaps in HQ of the two first episodes of The Playboy Club. Amber is really amazing on this pictures!! You can see more than 1.000 new captures of the two episode; 1×01 Pilot and 1×02 The Scarlett Bunny. I haven’t see yet the episode, but maybe you already see it, what do you think about it ?

The Playboy Club 1×02

September 27th, 2011     12:21 pm

I’ve added new promos stills and one picture from the set of the last episode of The Playboy Club : The Scarlett Bunny. Amber is amazing again on the picture.

The Rum Diary New Promos Stills

September 24th, 2011     10:13 am

I’ve renctly found some new exclusive promos stills of Amber and Johnny Depp for their upcoming movies : The Rum Diary. These stills are really amazing, and Amber is so amazing on this!! I’m really impatient to see her in this movies! I’ve also added one new poster for the movies. Below you can read an article about a new actor who is joining The Playboy Club.

Actor Billy Zane, who terrorized Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet in Titanic, will soon be doing the same to Eddie Cibrian on NBC’s The Playboy Club. Billy will play the recurring role of Oscar Bianchi beginning in the sexy series’ sixth episode.

Oscar is described as the cool-headed but ruthless younger brother of Chicago Mafia boss Bruno Bianchi, who was murdered in the first episode during an altercation with Bunny Maureen (Amber Heard). He returns to Chicago to avenge the death of his brother and challenge his nephew, John Bianchi (Troy Garity), for leadership of the entire organization.