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The Playboy Club on NBC!!

September 23rd, 2011     6:48 pm

Maybe you have seen that The Playboy Club has started on NBC, and the last Monday, the first episode, Pilot was diffused. I’ve already seen it, and I love Amber on this!! She’s amazing, and this role is really great for her!! And you, what do you think of this new series, have you seen the episode ? If not, you can see it now here!! The next episode is diffuse on Monday 26th!!

I’ve also uploaded new pictures of Amber for The Playboy Club, some new promos pictures, and stills from the the first two episodes. Amber is great on this pictures. I’ll upload the captures of the first episode later. You can also watch below the promo for the next episode : The Scarlett Bunny.

The Playboy Club New pictures

August 12th, 2011     4:48 pm

I’ve added some new pictures of Amber for the promotion of her new series The Playboy Club. Amber is really amazing on the pictures!! She’s really sexy on this pictures, her costume is really sweet!!

I’ve also changed the design of the website, I hope you like it too, It was make and coded by me. Do not hesitate to say me if you see any problems or others things like that. I made it with the new wonderfull photoshoot that Amber make for Nylon Guys.

2011 Summer TCA Tour

August 3rd, 2011     11:16 am

I’ve uploaded two new events of Amber during 2011 Summer TCA Tour – Day 6 and at NBC Universal Press Tour All Star Party. She was amazing at this two events for the promotion of The Playboy Club.

The Playboy Club

May 17th, 2011     3:58 pm

Some new promos pictures from The Playboy Club recently release, and the movies look to be just amazing! Below you can see pictures and a preview from this NBC’s show, and also to see an article from about the show.

Despite earlier reports claiming that the stars of The Playboy Club were required to sign nudity clauses, might NBC’s ’60s-era drama about Hugh Hefner’s empire lack the titillation factor some are expecting?

Yesterday, during NBC’s annual presentation to prospective advertisers, star Amber Heard said the finished product may surprise some viewers. “I think because this is character-based — it’s a group of friends who become family within this interesting, rich setting — I think the plot and stars can’t help but take center stage. The racy material, you’ll find, is not all that racy,” she said.

The show, scheduled to air Mondays at 10 p.m. in the fall, centers on the opening of the first Playboy Club in Chicago. Heard says she was inspired to take on the show with a potentially controversial premise especially after researching the subject. “I was surprised by how Hugh, when he was branding this, used its progressive and racy nature to push the envelope and push society forward. He was the first to integrate his workplace, without the mandatory obligation to do so. Things like that, I appreciate. He did what he could to push the envelope, I hope we do the same,” she said, adding the caveat that she doesn’t expect them to take it too far.

I don’t think it’s that racy,” she repeated. “I really don’t. I think it’s story about the time, the setting, the movement, the people behind it. It’s a story about a group of girls taking over Chicago, and I think that’s what will come through.”

Playboy (Tv Serie)

March 26th, 2011     5:30 pm

Many rumors from this moments tell that Amber will plays in a new NBC pilot : Playboy. And she have already start to film it!! I’ve added one pictures of her behind the scene of the movies, and she’s really beautiful on this. You can also read an article below who Amber tell about this movies.

Amber Heard has revealed that she is excited by the potential of her new NBC pilot Playboy. The Drive Angry star will play a young woman with a dark past who is hired to work at a Playboy club.

I’m excited about it,” she told IGN. “Like any good piece of work, the challenge is also going to be what makes it so great. It’s a crime drama centred around the 1960s Playboy clubs of Chicago, so there’s a lot going on.
Heard also confirmed that the pilot, which recently began filming, will explore themes of social change in ’60s America.
It’s early ’60s, but it’s on the eve of women’s lib,” she explained. “It’s on the eve of this rights revolution [and] the sexual revolution. There’s so much to be told [and] the texture is so rich.”

She continued: “I anticipate that [depth] being what makes the show so good, but it’s also going to be the most difficult part of it, tying in all those elements.
Eddie Cibrian, Laura Benanti and David Krumholtz will also star in Playboy.