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Amber Heard Fan is Finally Back!!!!

September 16th, 2012     11:34 am

Hello everyone!!! I’m happy to show you the new Amber Heard Fan!!! As you can see the website is now on, because ( got many problems, so I’ve decided to move the website on Fanfusion (Thanks for hosting!!). So, the website has now a new design that I realized with her Blackbook’s photoshoot. I hope you like it as much than me!! So guys, are you happy to see Amber Heard Fan back ?

I’ve also edited all the pages of the website (some are again under construction, I’m sorry for that, I’m working on it). I have updated the sidebar with her current projects, and others things. Feel free to apply to become elite/top affiliate with Amber Heard Fan with this form. Please, fell free to share the website on facebook, twitter and more to help to promote the website!!

Amber Heard Fan now revamp!

October 29th, 2011     2:57 pm

Hello everybody!! As you can see, Amber Heard Fan has a new layout, coded and make by me, with the wonderfull photoshoot that Amber make for Vs Magazine in 2009 (pictures are taken by Ellen Von Unwerth). The website has a new vintage look. I hope you like it. I’ve also changed the gallery theme. Tell me what you think about!

Here are new candids of Amber, Trying on Lingerie at a lingerie shop in SoHo on October 26th. You can see 26 new pictures of Amber. She’s sweet and natural on the pictures. Check it now!

New Layout on Amber Heard Fan

April 17th, 2011     7:17 pm

Hello everybody!! I think you have already see that we have a new layout!! I want to change it, because the previous layout stay online 7 month!!! So, I hope you like it too. I made this layout with the recent Instyle Us photoshoot of Amber (Check it here). I really like this shoot. Do not hesitate to leave a comment about this new layout!!

I’ve uploaded one new candids of Amber Drops a friend off at the The Grove in Los Angeles (April 13th) and also one pictures from Amber at InStyle’s Dinner With A Designer. She’s beautiful!!

Amber Heard Fan is now revamp!!

September 19th, 2010     8:45 pm

Hey guys!! As you can see, Amber Heard Fan have now a new layout, coded and made by myself. For the come of Autumn, I want to make a dark theme, so we can have this one, made with the wonderfull shoot of Amber made in 2008 for GQ Magazine by Marc Hom. I hope you like it too. Do not hesitate to leave a comment below!!

You can read below an article about And Soon the Darkness. This movies will be directly release in Blu-Ray Dvd, and he don’t be screening in theatre.

Another horror remake is due on Blu at the end of December.
In an announcement to retailers, Starz/Anchor Bay has just announced ‘And Soon the Darkness (2010)’ starring Amber Heard, Odette Yustman, and Karl Urban is coming to Blu-ray on December 28th.

The film is a remake of the 1970s British thriller of the same name and is directed by Marcos Efron.
Specs and supplements have yet to be revealed, but suggested list price for the Blu-ray is $34.99.

New portrait of Amber Heard

July 30th, 2010     9:34 pm

Hey!! I have found 27 exclusive amazing portraits of Amber Heard taken by her friend Tasya van Ree who is a really great photographer. All the pictures are so beautiful and amazing!! I’m in love of it!! Please see it now and tell me what you think about!! I think you have seen ; but the pictures gallery have now a new theme!! I hope you like it too!! And do not forget to FOLLOW US ON TWITTER NOW!!