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Johnny Depp & Amber Heard are Engaged!

January 21st, 2014     6:45 pm

Hello! Maybe you already heard about that rumor that Johnny Depp and Amber Heard was engaged on french and english website. Recently, JustJared confirm that they are officially engaged to be married! Neither Johnny or Amber have publicly commented on the engagement, but we can think that it’s true. Congratulation to the couple, I hope a lot of love for both of them! What do you think of this news ? Are you excited ? You can leave a comment below or vote :


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  • Avmir

    Well, it’s on People Magazine! that makes it seems quite official (that’s not a tabloid, it works mostly through PR from the same stars)
    First: I’ve read that they couldn’t be happier, etc, etc, etc and why she is perfect for him…but I want one (just ONE!!) article where it’s said why IS HE perfect for her? why this “free spirit” want to settle down with Johnny?
    Second: I need a better look to that RING! looks quite impressive anyway

    Third: They look too cute for words in some video from the Art Elysium Gala. They surely seems to be in love and Amber seems to be really happy with him. So I only can congratulate them and wish them too much happiness and love! <3

  • Amanda

    I wish her much happiness with whomever she
    chooses to be with. However, I think
    Johnny is too old for her. I can see
    why she might be attracted to certain qualities about him now but she should
    really consider the age difference between them before she decides to marry
    him. The average life expectancy for a
    male in the United States is 76 years old.
    In view of the fact that he is 23 years older than her, she could be
    widowed by the age of 53 years old. I
    don’t think anyone would want to end up alone at 53 years old, having to look
    for a new partner to spend his or her life with. This is something that Amber should consider…

    • Avmir

      He could die tomorrow in a car accident and also she could die tomorrow, not matter her age…
      Who the heck marries thinking on when he/she will be widowed? that’s creepy

      Not criticizing if you think he’s too old for her, that’s your respectable opinion. But the thing about when she’ll be widow it’s plain out weird.

      • Amanda

        Yes, that is true. Anybody could pass away
        at any given moment. To answer your
        question, I do think that most people think about growing old together when
        they get married; since the point of marriage is to be committed to that person
        while you spend the rest of your life together. I think the word “creepy” is a little harsh. I find it weird that you don’t see a problem
        with someone dating someone else 23 years older than him or her. That is pretty “creepy” to me. It doesn’t take a mathematician to see that
        23 years is a big age gap. I am 23
        years old right now and I could not possibly imagine that there is someone
        being born at this exact moment, somewhere in the world, that I would ever date
        in the future. To me, that is
        weird. However, your opinion on the age
        gap and my opinion are irrelevant. It’s
        what she thinks that matters.
        Nevertheless, I wish her happiness either way. I don’t really care who she dates or marries as long as she’s