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W Magazine – June/July

May 28th, 2014     12:20 pm

Here is a big news! Amber Heard is covering the June/July Issue of W Magazine! She has been shooted by Steven Klein for a new amazing and sexy photoshoot that you can find in the gallery!AmberHeardWMagazineCoverI’ve uploaded two covers and 7 UHQ outtakes from the photoshoot. You can see pictures below, and you can also read her interview!

Don’t you think she looks like me ?” Amber Heard asks as she pets her horse, Arrow. Heard, 28, is wearing mud-caked riding boots, tight blue jeans, a white undershirt, and thin mesh gloves that partially cover her red-lacquered nails; she puts her face next to the horse’s long tan-colored muzzle and coyly flips her ponytail. In fact, they do look alike: both lanky, pale, and blonde. Arrow nuzzles Heard, hoping for something to eat. “So like me,” Heard continues, reaching down into a pail filled with horse snacks. She feeds Arrow an apple. “She’ll love you forever if you give her a treat.” Heard watches the horse as she demolishes the apple. “Just standing here makes my blood pressure go down,” she says. “When I’m in L.A., I come ride her five times a week. No matter how crazy things get, Arrow will immediately get me back to normal.

Although she is careful not to spell it out, Heard is probably alluding to the hoopla surrounding her recent engagement to Johnny Depp, her costar in 2011’s The Rum Diary, which was based on an early novel by Hunter S. AmberHeardWMagazinPhotoshootThompson. Before making that film, Heard had worked steadily, appearing in films like 2008’s Pineapple Express (as Seth Rogen’s high school girlfriend), 2004’s Friday Night Lights (as Garrett Hedlund’s high school girlfriend), and 2009’s The Joneses (as a high school girl who falls in love with an older man, David Duchovny). In The Rum Diary, she was no longer high school material—she was the complex, mysterious woman who haunts Thompson in Puerto Rico. “It’s very hard to find opportunities like that as a young romantic lead,” Heard says, leading Arrow out of her paddock to be groomed. “As a woman, I usually have two options: Sex Object or the Best Friend Who Isn’t Sexy. It’s not creatively fulfilling to just be sexy. I did nothing to look the way I look. The genetic cards that anyone is dealt are not in their control, so to take pride in my looks would be a mistake. And besides,” she continues, pointing to the horse, “in L.A. there’s always someone more beautiful!”
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67th Annual Cannes Film Festival

May 27th, 2014     7:04 pm

Hello everyone! I’m really sorry for the lack of update, but I’m quite busy on this moment! Amber Heard was at the 67th Annual Cannes Film Festival in Cap d’Antibes, Cannes, France on May 20th!!! She was absolutely beautiful in her Vionnet Spring 2014 look consisting of a white bodysuit and a metallic gold gazar high-waist maxi skirt. For french fans who were at the Cannes Film Festival, lucky you if you saw Amber! I’ve uploaded more than 280 pictures of Amber, at the ‘Two Days, One Night’ Premiere, and during De Grisogono ‘Fatale In Cannes’ Party (where she was with model Cara Delevingne). You can see pictures below.


Costume Institute Gala & Spike TV Show

May 10th, 2014     6:42 pm

Hello everyone! Amber Heard was at the “Charles James: Beyond Fashion” Costume Institute Gala on May 5th at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York like many celebrities. She was amazing in her nude dress. She was attending this event with her fiance Johnny Depp. The night after, she was at the Spike TV’s “Don Rickles: One Night Only” – Show with Johnny again, on May 6th. Amber was perfect at these two public appearances. You can see a lot of new pictures in the gallery, and you can take a look below.


On the set of ‘When I Live My Life Over Again’

May 1st, 2014     2:02 pm

Hello! Here are some new pictures of Amber Heard on the set of her upcoming movie ‘When I Live My Life Over Again‘ from April 23rd. You can see now more than 200 pictures of Amber. Below you can also read a synopsis of the movie, where Amber Heard should plays the main character : Jude. I’m really happy about this new project of Amber! Take a look below.


Jude‘s life in New York City is going nowhere. Her career is a joke, her love life is in shambles, and she is having an affair with a married man who also happens to be her analyst. With little else to do, June retreats to the Hamptons, where her father Paul Lombard, legendary crooner of romantic ballads and timeless icon, is gearing up to make his big comeback. But for Jude (Amber Heard), returning home for the first time in ages means facing her workaholic sister, her sister’s husband (for whom she still carries a torch), Paul’s intolerable fifth wife and worst of all–her father.

The movie is directed and written by Robert Edwards. Christopher Walken is playing Paul, Amber’s character father. The movie hasn’t got any release date yet.

“Cabaret” Broadway Opening Night

April 27th, 2014     4:15 pm

Hello! Amber Heard and Johnny Depp recently went at the “Cabaret” Broadway Opening Night, where actress Michelle Williams was on stage. They were cute together. You can see 65 new pictures of their arrivals.