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Amber Heard Fan is Finally Back!!!!

September 16th, 2012     11:34 am

Hello everyone!!! I’m happy to show you the new Amber Heard Fan!!! As you can see the website is now on, because ( got many problems, so I’ve decided to move the website on Fanfusion (Thanks for hosting!!). So, the website has now a new design that I realized with her Blackbook’s photoshoot. I hope you like it as much than me!! So guys, are you happy to see Amber Heard Fan back ?

I’ve also edited all the pages of the website (some are again under construction, I’m sorry for that, I’m working on it). I have updated the sidebar with her current projects, and others things. Feel free to apply to become elite/top affiliate with Amber Heard Fan with this form. Please, fell free to share the website on facebook, twitter and more to help to promote the website!!

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