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Amber Heard on Chelsea Lately

August 19th, 2013     10:41 am

Amber Heard was on E! Tv Show’s ‘Chelsea Lately‘ recently!! She talks about an awkward interaction with costar Richard Dreyfuss–not once, but twice on this show. You can read the story about it below, and you can also watch the video below.

She’s the stunning beauty that has won the heart of Johnny Depp, but it seems Richard Dreyfuss is immune to the charms of Amber Heard. For despite starring alongside him in Paranoia the actor has twice forgotten who she is – and had to be reintroduced. The 65-year-old Hollywood veteran first forgot about Amber when went to diner with him and his wife – with Mrs Dreyfuss politely reminding him Amber starred alongside him in the movie.

Even then Dreyfuss foolishly forgot about their scenes together believing that she played a nurse in the movie. She in fact plays Liam Hemswoth’s love interest Emma Jennings. Heard told Chelsea Handler: ‘He had no idea who I was…again. Again. He shook my hand!‘. And to make matters worse Dreyfuss would go on to forget the blonde bombshell a further time. She looks really hot and she was quite charming. I know some of you call her “bland” and “basic” and say that she has no personality. What did you think ?

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