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The Playboy Club (2011)

May 3rd, 2013     4:08 pm

Creator: Chad Hodge
Season: 1
Episodes: 7 (4 unaired)
Running time: 60 min
Nationality: US
Genres: Drama, Crime
Release year: 2011
Original channel: NBC
Stars: Eddie Cibrian, Laura Benanti, Jenna Dewan-Tatum
Character: Amber Heard is Maureen
Release Date: September 19 2011 (USA)


Set in the early 1960s, Hugh Hefner founded the legendary Playboy Club in Chicago. It is a place where fantasies clash with hard realities. But to those that own a precious key, the club can be a temporary hideaway. Step inside the seductive world of the Bunny, the epitome of beauty and service, and rub shoulders with the decade’s biggest mobsters, politicos and entertainers. With all these larger than life ambitions, there are even greater secrets. Like when innocent new Bunny Maureen – who wants to take the world by storm – accidentally kills one of the Windy City’s most powerful mafia bosses and the only person capable of covering it up and protecting her is Nick Dalton, a man who once worked for the mob but is about to run for district attorney. Bunny Alice is married but hiding an explosive personal life while Bunny Janie is running from a past that threatens to catch up with her. It seems everyone has a secret – none more so than Maureen, who may not even be the innocent orphan she appears to be. Thank goodness Hef’s Playboy Mansion is open after hours for a little R&R and burying your past.

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– Shortly after this show premiered, Sean Maher, the actor playing Alice’s closeted husband, also revealed to Entertainment Weekly Magazine that he was a gay man in his real life and during his 14-year career.
– Most of the main cast members signed a “nudity clause,” that allowed the production to shoot nude footage of them that would be utilized in international broadcasts and DVD releases of the episodes.
– NBC canceled the show after only three episodes due to poor ratings.
Jeff Hephner was originally cast as Nick Dalton, but after his first table read he was replaced by Eddie Cibrian.
– When production wrapped on October 10, 2011, show creator Chad Hodge and star Laura Benanti both confirmed that they had finished seven episodes, including the pilot. Benanti further stated that the seventh episode has two endings, one of which is more final to the series.
Hugh M. Hefner performed a voice-over narration during the pilot episode, but no such narration was recorded for the other episodes. A young version of Hefner was featured as a character in the show, but was only ever seen from behind. Show creator Chad Hodge said this was the result of a conscious decision to feature Hefner in the series but not give him a regular role, which the real-life Hefner approved of because, according to Hodge, “He didn’t want to make it his story.”
– The Pearl character (portrayed by Jenifer Lewis) was based on a real-life Playboy Club seamstress named Betty.
– The costumes in The Playboy Club were designed by Isis Mussenden. She was not able to find any original Playboy Bunny uniforms, so she created her designs based on photos and consultations with Hugh M. Hefner. Each of the five female leads received two suits, each of which cost $3,000 and took about 10 hours to make. Each suit included a built-in bra, French cuffs with Playboy cuff links, satin ears and 3-inch heels. After the costumes were designed, Hefner had claimed they were not cut high enough on the leg, but Mussenden assured him the height was correct based on photos of Hefner with real-life bunnies.
– There were two episodes of the Playboy Club that were produced but not broadcast due to early cancellation of the series. Their titles were, “The Dream House and How to Avoid It” and “Trouble in Makeoutsville“.
– This series was titled, “Bunny Tales” and then “Playboy” before producers arrived at the final title, “The Playboy Club“.


Pilot 1×01

pilotThe first week for Maureen, a newly hired Bunny, sees her getting caught up in the murder of mob boss Bruno Bianchi. Nick Dalton, one of Chicago’s top attorneys and Club key-holder, comes to her aid; his girlfriend Carol-Lynne makes an ambitious move and becomes the first Bunny Mother. Meanwhile, Bunnies Janie, Alice and Brenda each deal with their own personal issues and secrets while the club’s general manager Billy Rosen tries his best to keep the club running without interference from the mob.

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The Scarlet Bunny 1×02

pilotThe Bunnies have a wonderful opportunity presented to them. One of them will get to be the new covergirl for the Playboy Magazine. However, each will have to tell about their pasts which could compromise their standing at the club. Nick Dalton works to acquire political allies in his run to become the city’s District Attorney.

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A Act of Simple Duplicity 1×03

pilotNick begins to work his way into the election race. His manager Sean arranges for him to become friends with a socialite Frances Dunhill. But there are problems when a new Bunny, Doris, is hired by Carol-Lynne seems to be more than she appears.
Maureen decides that it’s better to keep potential enemies close instead of far away by being friendly with mobster John Bianchi.

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Filming locations

Chicago, Illinois, USA

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