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Driving with Tasya in West Hollywood

October 10th, 2010     2:30 pm

Amber appeared recently in West Hollywood, in her car with girl friend Tasya Van Ree. I have uploaded 5 new HQ pictures of this candid. I love Amber on this candids. I also changed the theme of the pictures gallery!! I hope you like it.

62nd Primetime Emmy Awards – Day 2

August 30th, 2010     8:52 pm

Amber went at 62nd Primetime Emmy Awards – Day 2. I have uploaded 9 new amazing pictures of her. I also added her lastest candids , Has a lunch at Kings Road Cafe in LA.

Drive Angry Interview & Candids

August 26th, 2010     9:58 pm

I have uploaded the lastest candid of Amber from August 23rd at Fred Segal in Beverly Hills. You can see 65 new HQ pictures. I also find an interview of Amber from where she talk about Drive Angry. You can read it below.

[…] Nicolas Cage and Amber Heard Drive Angry Press Conference Interview

Were there specific ways it affected your performance?

Amber Heard: “Elaborating on what he said, for me, part of it was feeling like you were a part of the audience, in a way, participating actively while you’re filming something. Acting and participating in how it’s going to be viewed later is kind of, in a weird way puts me in the audience’s position, and that was an interesting to go about filming something. I also know that we had certain shots, because this movie was conceived in 3-D and not converted, we had the privilege and opportunity to kind of manipulate some of our actions and blocking around how it would be viewed later. I threw some punches directly into the lens and I backed the car up almost over the camera a couple of times to create effects with specific results that it will achieve in the audience, viewing the film in 3D. I also have to say that I think movies when they’re converted later…I haven’t seen good examples of movies that so much. I see a lot of good 3-D that were shot in 3-D, but it’s harder to convert something and maintain the quality, no matter what you’re converting.”

Amber, what was it like to do such a physical role?

Amber Heard: “It’s one of the only movies where I actually get to kick some ass, but it’s surprisingly not too far from home. I mean, I’m from Texas and guns and fist fights and stuff are all part of the gig. Everything from the hot rod to the cowboy boots was close to home for me. I was happy.”

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2010 Deauville Film Festival & Candids

August 25th, 2010     4:50 pm

I recently seen that The Joneses is in competition at the Deauville Film Festival of 2010 (In France)!! It’s a great news for all the Amber’s French Fan who are not away from Deauville!! You can see original article (In french) here. I also uploaded two new candids of Amber with Tasya from August 16th and 17th in Hollywood. She’s so beautiful like always!!

Prop 8 protest Rally & Candids

August 22nd, 2010     8:56 pm

Amber recently went at Prop 8 protest Rally for marriage equality for gay marriages in the state of California. She was with her girl friend Tasya Van Ree. I also uploaded two new candids of Amber In West Hollywood on August 17th and Walking her dog in Beverly Hills on August 19th.