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Company Magazine – December Issue

November 8th, 2013     2:53 pm

Here are the first pictures from Amber Heard’s Company Magazine covershoot! She has been shooted by Rony Shram! She’s amazing on these pictures! I’ve also added the cover in the gallery. Below you can read an excerpt of her interview for the magazine, and read more from this post to see the behind the scene video and screencaptures of this video!

companyCoverAmber Heard has suggested that Hollywood too often defines its female characters by their physical attractiveness. The actress told Company that she “fought” to get into movies as she had no contacts in the industry.
“You name me movies where the woman’s part isn’t narrower than the man’s and they will be the exceptions – not the norm,” Heard said. “I think in Europe things are better, but, in the US, we still have characters who are defined by physical attractiveness.”

She continued: “I try to search for roles where the character is not dependent on how she looks, but it is hard because I didn’t know anyone in this industry so I started as an extra and fought.
“I’ve had to take on roles that were superficial, girlfriend roles, but I’ve tried to put some power or strength into them. “And I don’t think talent and beauty are mutually exclusive. It’s a shame that someone like Charlize Theron has to put on a bunch of weight and fake teeth to be seen as a talented actress.”

Of her favourite co-stars, Heard said: “I’ve always worked with cool people – both men and women. Harrison Ford in Paranoia was a legend. “Liam Hemsworth is such a talent – he will work forever. Demi Moore was one of my favourites – so genuinely benevolent. I learnt so much from her.”

The full interview appears in the December issue of Company, on sale November 13. Also available in digital edition on Apple Newsstand.


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