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Fashion Magazine & The Joneses

March 28th, 2010     9:26 pm

Thanks for your visits; the website have now more than 100/a day and more than 21400 hits from May, 23th , 2009!!! Thanks you so much!! I have found some pictures from the Fashion Magazine Photoshoot. Amber is so beautiful on this pics. I have made a new theme for the Photogallery with the Austin’s photoshoot. I hope you like it.

The Joneses official website is now launched , with pictures and more. The movies will be screen at the Dallas Film Festival of 2010. You can see the new UK trailer of the movies on this link. I have added many stills from the joneses movies.
Maybe , for Festival of Cannes 2010 , The Rum Diary where amber plays with Johnny Depp will be selectioned.

The Rum Diary by Bruce Robinson. According to the actor Aaron Eckhart, the movie has a chance to be at the Festival. This is adapted from a novel by Hunter Thompson. Once again, after Las Vegas Parano, including actor Johnny Depp’s alter-ego of the writer to the screen. The arrival of Depp (and Amber Heard) could add a touch of extra people to the event.

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