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Amber Heard’s Family

October 15th, 2013     7:28 pm

Amber Heard is really closer with her family, and she show it everyday. Below discover her parents, David and Paige Heard and her sister Whitney Heard.

David Heard, her father

davidHeardDavid Heard, her father, is a contractor. Amber Heard appeared many times on the red carpet with her father (you can see the picture on the left). Amber confessed on the Jimmy Kimmel Show that when she left for Los Angeles, her father tried to give her a gun … at the airport. At the age of 17, Amber was ready to fly out of Texas, when her father handed her the firearm: “[He] took out a pearl-handled .38 special and handed it to me and said, ‘Hey baby girl, I got you a pretty one. It don’t got a hammer. So you just pull it right out of your purse!’”. That might be Texan for “Have a safe trip“. In fact, her strict Catholic family is pro-gun, and Amber has admitted to owning several weapons, including a .357 Magnum. Her father recently appeared in the movie ‘Syrup‘ where Amber Heard plays 6 (you can see picture here). Amber Heard told to i-D Magazine in 2013 : “My father didn’t raise me to be a damsel. Texas wasn’t the idea place to express individualism. I was always told what a woman should be. I realized I was alone, that I didn’t belong there. I felt like I was dying creatively. I craved a place where I could express myself.”

Paige Parsons, her mother

paigeHeardPaige Heard (aka Paige Parsons), her mother, is a an internet researcher for the state. Amber Heard was seen with her mother on the red carpet during the premiere of her 2009 movie : The Stepfather (you can see picture on the right side). Amber Heard had an unusual upbringing in a liberal area of Texas, and thinks her mother Paige knew from an early age she was different from other children. She added to The Sun newspaper: “I think my mother realised she had a somewhat unusual daughter pretty early on. I went to a Catholic school but did not really fit in. I also had an obsession with cars. Yet at the same time I was feminine and girly. I was still a bit of a bad-ass though! You wouldn’t find me at the school prom, that’s for sure. My mom allowed me time and space to become my own person, which is key when you are growing up.” Amber is physically very similar with her mother. We can recognize the face of Amber with the one of her mother. Her mother was also (with her father) on the public of the Jimmy Kimmel Show where Amber Heard appeared on August 2013.

Whitney Heard, her sister

Whitney Heard is the young sister of Amber Heard. She’s almost got the same age of Amber. Amber and Whitney are really closer together, and we often see Amber and Whitney out in the city together. Whitney also appeared in some pictures and video clips taken by Amber’s ex-girlfriend photographer Tasya Van Ree. Whitney often went with her sister to special events, and that since 2008. We can see a lot of pictures events where Amber posed with her sister Whitney. Below, you can take a look of few pictures of Amber with her sister :


Pistol and Boo, her little dogs

Amber Heard get her first little dog in 2009, a Yorkshire Terrier that she called “Pistol”. Amber Heard appeared with her dog in the October 2009 issue of the magazine Teen Vogue where she make an editorial with others celebrities. Later, she’ll get a new Yorkshire Terrier that she called “Boo”. Amber is often spotted in the street with her little puppy dogs. Amber get Pistol and Boo with her everywhere! Some pictures of Pistol appeared on the net. You can check some cute picture of Pistol below :