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Latest Candids Update

December 18th, 2011     2:41 pm

Here are the last candids of Amber from November 29th to December 16th. You can see Amber Leaving Starbucks Coffee in L.A, At the Apple Store with her sister Withney, Grabs a Taxi on a night out in New York City, Took her measurements in Los Angeles, Walking In Beverly Hills and Gets Gas in West Hollywood. She’s amazing on the pictures, like always, she had a great style.

8 Responses to “Latest Candids Update

Zeke Says:

Wow. Where you got all these updates? I’m amazed.
Much love for Amber! 😀

CAFAStudent Says:

Hey guys! I just made a short video of Amber Heard ? using clips from
her Guess, Fashion Mag and Nylon photo shoots.

Need your views!


Xella Says:

Thanks for support!
Zeke: I have my own source 😛
The website is here to give much updates about Amber than possible, so enjoy 😀

CFAStudent, your link doesn’t work lol

CAFAStudent Says:

Sorry about that.
I re-uploaded the file. I saw a little glitch on the video. ‘Can’t really
stand those things. And, it’s also my very first video edit. ^_^

Also, Xella. Your name sounds similar to my name 😀

Xella Says:

Amazing video! 😀
I really like it!! 🙂
Good music lol

Ah, it’s possible, My name isn’t exactly the same, but a little :p My pseudo is inspired by my own name lol 🙂

CAFAStudent Says:

Gee, thank you. *huge grin*
I don’t really know where to –let’s say, promote this, but on a website related to Amber, soo… xD

I just saw the movie The Informers –yeah, I’m too behind ’cause of the whole “nude” thing, I was worried someone might see me see it. LOL

Aaand I got hooked by the song “Only You” really fast, then I made this video:
it’s with lyrics. Hohohoho

I’m guessing you’re female? –or…maybe male. xD
OMG. This is becoming a chat box. Ahahaha. Sorry ’bout that.

Xella Says:

No problem, it’s make few comments on the post lol!
Yes, don’t see it yet, I see recently And Soon The Darkness & Drive Angry, Amber is so perfect! lol
Love this song of The Informers trailer! I saw your videos, amazing 🙂

Yes female 😉

CAFAStudent Says:

LOL. Thanks.
It’s great to see you’re constantly updating us with Amber Heard news/pics. ^_^