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August 17th, 2013     9:05 am

Amber Heard is everywhere on this moment, with the released of her movie ‘Paranoia‘! She’s covering ‘The Edit‘ Magazine from Her photoshoot taken by photographer Francesco Carrozzini is sooo perfect! One of her best photoshoot!! You can find the scans (in french) and the photoshoot in the gallery. Below you can also read her interview.


thumbWith her striking looks and cool independence, AMBER HEARD makes the perfect muse for The Edit’s latest issue. MELISSA WHITWORTH talks exclusively to the actress who, despite the tabloids’ fascination with her and a certain Mr Depp, refuses to be defined by anyone other than herself.
Amber Heard drops her handbag on the table when she arrives, promptly, for our interview in the garden of a relaxed West Hollywood restaurant. The bag’s contents are clearly visible – two well-thumbed second-hand books: The Immortalist by Alan Harrington, now out of print; and The Jefferson Bible: The Life and Morals Of Jesus Of Nazareth by Thomas Jefferson, first published in 1895.

thumbYou can read this book a thousand times and always learn something new from it,” she says of the latter, with a hint of a Texan drawl. She always keeps the book in her bag, she says, in case she is kept waiting before a casting. It is unlikely, however, that Hollywood executives are keeping her waiting too much these days: Heard is now leading lady material, having scored a starring role in The Rum Diary opposite Johnny Depp (of whom more later) in 2011, reportedly beating big names such as Keira Knightley and Scarlett Johansson to the role.

As she picks over a cheese and allows herself one glass of good red wine, Heard says she could happily talk about books all day. I, of course, would like to talk about Depp. At the time of writing, the latest tabloid pictures of the two show them hand in hand in central London. She wore a simple scarlet silk dress that looked like a dancing flame, and even in paparazzi shots, head bowed, she was exquisite.

While we speak, Heard is in downtime mode of gray floral jeans and a white linen shirt. The book-filled bag is the Falabella by Stella McCartney. Her nails are painted scarlet and she favors chunky silver rings. She sounds wise beyond her years, yet her face looks younger than 27: dewy skin so clear it looks Photoshopped, with limpid green eyes.

Knowledge is my religion,” she says of the books, which she collects at flea markets. “That need for stimuli is a constant in my life.” There has always been “an impetus for me to want more, to be curious, to ask more, to search for more.” Brought up as a Catholic, Heard was a scholarship student, but found small-town education stifling. “Catholic schools do not have a reputation for being breeding grounds for inquiry, or curiosity, but they are the ideal breeding ground for rebellion,” she observes.

thumbWhich is why she left home in Manor in rural Texas at the age of 16. “I needed to go,” Heard says simply. Was it the hope of fame that drove her rebellion? “I didn’t have a goal,” she recalls. “I was just curious and hungry, and had nothing to lose. I come from the middle of nowhere and grew up with nothing.”

Indeed, Heard’s story is part American dream, part frontierwoman. Her father is a building contractor and her mother a state researcher, and Heard describes her younger sister, Whitney, as her “partner in crime”. Home life was fairly humble with few comforts, but it created a woman with the grit to take Hollywood, generate column inches and still speak her mind.

With what seems now a characteristically fearless determination, Heard began her escape by working as a fit model, making enough money to enroll in acting classes in Austin, then to leave home to pursue her acting career. “I remember my biggest hurdle was that I wasn’t yet 18, and it caused some problems – getting a hotel room, for instance,” she says. “I was on my own. I forged my parents’ name to be on set, because I was a minor, but I was working as an adult. I forged a fake ID, too.” It worked : in a short space of time Heard won three small acting parts. But it can’t all have been music to her parents’ ears. “They did not react ideally, as you would expect. But they also couldn’t stop me.

While her career momentum grew, and TV roles led to movies – including the cult Drive Angry (2011) opposite A-lister Nicolas Cage – Heard had a relationship with photographer Tasya van Ree that lasted four years. Unusually for one in Hollywood, Heard has not hidden it. “I have had relationships, successful relationships, with men, and I had a great relationship with a wonderful woman,” she says. It is a relationship that had the tabloid press desperate to define her sexuality. But she adds, “I will never beg for an easy classification or label for that moment in my life, or assume to know what the future holds for me. I have always been and always will be just who I am and I will never fake anything for anyone.”

It is refreshing to hear a figure of such public curiosity defend her choices. “I am not ever going to be a person who has a desire to expose myself more than I feel. Being a private person made me want to not expose myself any more than I already had,” she says. “But I also felt I had a responsibility to not appear to be in hiding. I watched people around me succumb to hiding and hiding denotes shame. I feel, and felt, zero shame. We all love who we love; we don’t choose it.”

thumbThis inner confidence was evident when Heard arrived on the red carpet in 2011 as a fully formed femme fatale, a Hollywood goddess wrapped up in her off-white, flashbulb-friendly Alessandra Rich dress at the London premier of The Rum Diary. And she is, of course, also making an impression beyond the movies and the red carpet. At the time of writing, Heard has just been photographed with Depp at the Moscow and London premieres of The Lone Ranger. She has also been papped with Depp and his children in Tokyo airport during the film’s publicity tour. In fact, rumors of a relationship with Depp have been swirling for months. He and his long-time partner, Vanessa Paradis, with whom he has two children, announced their separation a year ago, and the story is catnip for the tabloids.

“If I didn’t want to be scrutinized, I would have just stayed in Texas,” Heard says of the hoopla. “It’s way easier to do what people expect of you. As a kid, I would have loved to accept what I was being told in church. In fact, I prayed for that.”

Heard is also philosophical about her past relationships: “I have always had very, very good relationships and good breakups. I have never been part of a situation where there was mistrust, or betrayal. Going into relationships is just as difficult as coming out of them. I have never been in the situation where the two have overlapped. I can’t imagine how difficult that would be.”

Nor is the personal putting her off her career stride. Heard’s forthcoming films – Paranoia, co-starring Harrison Ford and Gary Oldman, and Machete Kills with Mel Gibson and Jessica Alba, both due out this fall – prove her elevation on her own terms. Not that Heard is taking anything for granted. “I have been doing this as the only means to sustain myself for 11 years – my entire adult life. People have been calling me an up-and-comer for 10 years,” she adds wryly. “I would rather be called that than a flash in the pan.

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