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Amber arrives at the Cosmopolitan Magazine Party

July 15th, 2009     2:09 pm

Yesterday Amber went at The Cosmopolitan Magazine Party , only three photos are out but amber is beautiful above. You can find the pictures in the gallery.

Maxim Outtakes & Saturday Night Outtakes

July 6th, 2009     12:04 pm

I have found some exclusives pictures , photoshoots from Maxim by James White and Saturday Night by Bobby Quillard. Thanks so much to Gregg and Alexou for this pictures <<3. I really want to thanks you too , for the 2.000 visits of the website!!!! The visits increase more and more it’s really a great pleasure!! And finally I push a little help from mouth to those who use the themes gallery of others, or inspire them without putting a small link to credit

Public Ennemies Premiere video

June 28th, 2009     11:07 am

I have found a little video of amber at the Premiere of the movies Public Ennemies , she’s very short, we just can see Amber leaving , she’s totaly WONDERFUL , with her dress and her belt. I also added some pictures , this album now has over 120 pictures!!

‘Public Enemies’ Premiere at L.A Film Festivals

June 24th, 2009     6:38 am

Amber visited yesterday the Premiere of the movies Public Enemies , where her co-star Johnny Depp plays. She’s very beautiful!! I have added 27 pictures HQ and 51 MQ in the gallery!! I also uploaded many captures from her movies and completed some albums.

The Ward, The Stepfather & Zombieland Trailer

June 23rd, 2009     12:33 pm

The Trailer of the movies The Stepfather and Zombieland emerged recently , I post the trailer below of ‘The Stepfather’ where amber plays with Pen Bagdley.

The Trailer of the movie Zombieland is also available but Amber does not appear in it. And finally, here’s an article on this site about the movies “The Ward“.

The return of John Carpenter behind the camera is imminent but the master of horror is unquestionably simmer fans. If we said on many projects, his latest feature film of 2001 with Ghosts of Mars. However The Wardonly become clearer today with some new faces to the cast.
We learn that Danielle Panabaker, the young actress of the movies Friday 13, will oposite Amber Heard in this psychological horror thriller.
The Ward follows a young girl (Amber Heard) admitted to a psychiatric service that meets other girls with different personalities and discovers a strange girl haunts the hospital overnight. Our patience should not be stretched too long time to start shooting next month in Spokane, Washington.

Thanks you so much for all your comments, and for 1.000 visits of the website!!! The gallery’s website has been update, it contains more than 3.000 pictures now, thanks to Marine who I thank enormously for her tips and photos data <3 <3!