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Playboy (Tv Serie)

March 26th, 2011     5:30 pm

Many rumors from this moments tell that Amber will plays in a new NBC pilot : Playboy. And she have already start to film it!! I’ve added one pictures of her behind the scene of the movies, and she’s really beautiful on this. You can also read an article below who Amber tell about this movies.

Amber Heard has revealed that she is excited by the potential of her new NBC pilot Playboy. The Drive Angry star will play a young woman with a dark past who is hired to work at a Playboy club.

I’m excited about it,” she told IGN. “Like any good piece of work, the challenge is also going to be what makes it so great. It’s a crime drama centred around the 1960s Playboy clubs of Chicago, so there’s a lot going on.
Heard also confirmed that the pilot, which recently began filming, will explore themes of social change in ’60s America.
It’s early ’60s, but it’s on the eve of women’s lib,” she explained. “It’s on the eve of this rights revolution [and] the sexual revolution. There’s so much to be told [and] the texture is so rich.”

She continued: “I anticipate that [depth] being what makes the show so good, but it’s also going to be the most difficult part of it, tying in all those elements.
Eddie Cibrian, Laura Benanti and David Krumholtz will also star in Playboy.


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