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New design on Amber Heard Fan

August 18th, 2014     1:27 pm

Hello everyone!! I’m happy to show you the new design of Amber Heard Fan! After 9 months with the older one, I decided to refresh the website with a new theme. I’ve used the Flare Magazine Photoshoot that Amber Heard make in September 2013. I hope you’ll like it as much than I like it! Please, feel free to comment this post, and tell me what you think about it!

There is no much news of Amber right now, but I’ve uploaded new photoshoot : one outtakes from her Alleim magazine’s photoshoot, two other from her Jalouse Magazine’s photoshoot, and one pictures taken by photographer Jeff Vespa for his book “The Art of Discovery: Hollywood Stars Reveal Their Inspiration”.


‘Jalouse’ new outtakes

February 9th, 2014     1:28 pm

I’ve uploaded new exclusive outtakes of Amber Heard for ‘Jalouse Magazine‘ french issue. You can find almost all the outtakes from the editorial. There is only three pictures missing, I hope to get it soon! You can find these amazing outtakes taken by Alexei Hay below!


‘Jalouse Magazine’ Exclusive Scans

January 29th, 2014     8:38 pm

Hello everyone! Here are the exclusive scans of the ‘Jalouse Magazine‘ February Issue! I’ve bought the issue few days ago, and I scanned it exclusively for you!! Please credit the website if you use it somewhere! This editorial is amazing, I’m so in love of this photoshoot of Amber Heard! You can find the scans in HQ below.


‘Jalouse’ New Outtakes

January 23rd, 2014     10:29 pm

Good night everybody! Here are some new exclusive outtakes of Amber Heard from her lastest photoshoot for ‘Jalouse Magazine‘, a french magazine. Pictures have been taken by Alexei Hay. You can find it in the gallery now.


Amber Covers “Jalouse Magazine”

January 22nd, 2014     12:01 pm

Hello! Here is a great news, Amber Heard is covering the upcoming issue of the french magazine “Jalouse” for the month of February! Here are the first pictures, of the cover, one picture from the editorial and also the first outtakes from the photoshoot! Pictures has been taken by Alexei Hay, and Amber looks awesome! I’ll buy it as soon as it’ll be in store, and I’ll pick up the scans! You can see the pictures below :