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new owner

May 9th, 2020     4:10 am

Hello guys! i’m the new webmaster of this website! I adopted of flaunt and I’d like to thank their team for letting me adopt! I will update the gallery, stay tuned!!!!

Happy New Year !

January 5th, 2017     3:33 pm

Hello everyone !! I would like to wish you an Happy New Year for 2017 ! Thank you everyone for your support ! The website is now online since almost 8 years, and this is because of you ! Thank you so much ! I hope you’ll keep to follow Amber Heard Fan in 2017, and I’ll try to give you still a lot of pictures and news about Amber. You can follow the website on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest. Please, feel free to comment this post if you would like some new thing on the website for 2017, or if you just want to say something about the website. Happy New Year ! Xoxo !

New theme on Amber Heard Fan !

July 7th, 2016     2:38 pm

Hello ! I’m proud to show you the new theme of Amber Heard Fan ! After more than one year with the previous one, I decided to create a new theme during my free time. I used the beautiful photoshoot that Amber did in 2014 for french ‘Jalouse Magazine‘, with photographer Alexei Hay (you can find pictures here).

The pictures gallery also has a new theme, to match with the theme of the website. I really hope you like it as much as I like it ! Please fell free to like this post, and to comment it. Thank you everyone to support the website since 2009 now ! I’ve also updated pages from the website, I let you check it by yourself.

NEW : The website is now fully responsive ! You can see the latest Amber’s news on your mobile, tablet or computer. Try it now !

New Theme on Amber Heard Fan!

February 1st, 2015     3:50 pm

Hello everyone! I’m proud to show you the new design of Amber Heard Fan! I wanted to make a brand new theme for 2015, and I chose to make it with Amber Heard’s 2008 photoshoot for Maxim Magazine! I hope you like it as much as I like it! The photo gallery has also a new theme according to the main website theme. Please, fell free to like this post or to comment this post to tell me what do you think about!

If you want to stay up to date about Amber Heard news, like the facebook page, and follow the website on twitter!

New design on Amber Heard Fan

August 18th, 2014     1:27 pm

Hello everyone!! I’m happy to show you the new design of Amber Heard Fan! After 9 months with the older one, I decided to refresh the website with a new theme. I’ve used the Flare Magazine Photoshoot that Amber Heard make in September 2013. I hope you’ll like it as much than I like it! Please, feel free to comment this post, and tell me what you think about it!

There is no much news of Amber right now, but I’ve uploaded new photoshoot : one outtakes from her Alleim magazine’s photoshoot, two other from her Jalouse Magazine’s photoshoot, and one pictures taken by photographer Jeff Vespa for his book “The Art of Discovery: Hollywood Stars Reveal Their Inspiration”.