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‘Three Days to Kill’ First Movie Stills

October 9th, 2013     5:09 pm

Here is an exclusive news! The first official movie stills of Amber Heard in upcoming McG’s movie : ‘Three Days to Kill‘ released recently. She’s so amazing on this picture. The movie looks to be quite dark. I love this stills of Amber, I’m impatient to see more news from this movie. You can see it below. You can also read below an threeDaysToKillStillarticle about the release date of the movie.

McG’s upcoming thriller Three Days to Kill went into post-production mode earlier this month, and the only news that’s surfaced about the film recently has involved its frequently changing name, which has been floating between Three Days to Kill and Untitled McG Project, so let’s hope that the film actually landing its release date sets the title in stone. And if not in stone, at least a quick-drying cement.

A Relativity Media press release and Box Office Mojo report love, drugs and guns will bloom on Valentine’s Day 2014, as Three Days to Kill is tentatively set for a February 14 premiere. The word tentative is used there because this is already an extremely competitive Friday, which it would share with the young adult sci-fi drama The Maze Runner, the equally young adult romantic drama Vampire Academy: Blood Sisters, the romance remake Endeless Love, and the modern rom-com remake About Last Night. Call me crazy, but I’m thinking response to the first trailer will either provide the confidence or fear that could affect the release date further.

Written by Luc Besson (The Fifth Element) and Adi Hasak (From Paris With Love), Three Days to Kill will star Kevin Costner as an elite government hit man who decides to leave that life behind and reconnect with his estranged family after he gets news he has a terminal illness. His agency offers him an untested potentially life-saving drug in exchange for taking on one last mission, and he accepts it, which means he’ll be taking on one of the world’s most notorious terrorists all while taking care of his daughter while his wife is out of town. It’s like the natural evolution of Adventures in Babysitting. The film also stars Hailee Steinfeld, Amber Heard and Connie Nielsen.

Where will you be next Valentine’s Day ? You’ve got more than three days to decide!


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