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“Drive Angry” at Comic-Con!!

July 9th, 2010     1:36 pm

It’s a great news!!! The movies Drive Angry where Amber’ll play will be at Comic Con!!

San Diego Comic-con is rapidly approaching and one place Fango will definitely be is Summit’s newly announced DRIVE ANGRYpanel. Hit the jump for all the details!

DRIVE ANGRY, the upcoming feature from MY BLOODY VALENTINE (3-D) director Patrick Lussier stars Nicolas Cage(!) as a “vengeful father hunting down the people who brutally killed his daughter and kidnapped her baby.” The film also features genre great Tom Atkins (!) and newly minted scream queen Amber Heard.

Lussier, Cage and Heard will all be in attendance at the panel on Friday, July 23 from 10:30-11 a.m. in Hall H. They’ll debut footage and discuss the anticipated “high-octane, blood-splattered road trip through hell.”

Between a Roger Corman tribute panel with Joe Dante and now the Cage in person, it’s time to get stoked.


Vs Magazine & Movies

June 27th, 2010     10:54 am

I have uploaded a photoshoot of Amber taken for VS magazine. This pictures is really beautiful. I also uploaded pictures from the set of The Ward and Behind the scene of And Soon The Darkness. You can also reed below rumored about Amber who said that maybe Amber will be the new Mystique in X-Men: First Class.

Amber Heard and Rosamund Pike are set to star in ‘X-Men: First Class‘.
Studio 20th Century Fox have a “strong interest” in recruiting the actresses to portray Mystique and Moira MacTaggert respectively in director Matthew Vaughn’s forthcoming prequel, Production Weekly reports.

Blue-skinned mutant Mystique was previously portrayed in the three ‘X-Men’ movies by Rebecca Romijn, while Moira – Charles Xavier’s assistant – made a brief appearance in 2006’s ‘X-Men: The Last Stand’ and was played by Olivia Williams.

Though ‘Atonement’ actor James McAvoy is the only person definitely cast in the film, signing up recently to play Xavier, several other stars have been linked to the project. […]

‘X-Men: First Class’ is scheduled for release in July 2011.

Fashion Magazine & The Joneses

March 28th, 2010     9:26 pm

Thanks for your visits; the website have now more than 100/a day and more than 21400 hits from May, 23th , 2009!!! Thanks you so much!! I have found some pictures from the Fashion Magazine Photoshoot. Amber is so beautiful on this pics. I have made a new theme for the Photogallery with the Austin’s photoshoot. I hope you like it.

The Joneses official website is now launched , with pictures and more. The movies will be screen at the Dallas Film Festival of 2010. You can see the new UK trailer of the movies on this link. I have added many stills from the joneses movies.
Maybe , for Festival of Cannes 2010 , The Rum Diary where amber plays with Johnny Depp will be selectioned.

The Rum Diary by Bruce Robinson. According to the actor Aaron Eckhart, the movie has a chance to be at the Festival. This is adapted from a novel by Hunter Thompson. Once again, after Las Vegas Parano, including actor Johnny Depp’s alter-ego of the writer to the screen. The arrival of Depp (and Amber Heard) could add a touch of extra people to the event.

The Stepfather Promos Stills

October 17th, 2009     6:17 pm

I have uploaded some stills and wallpapers of the movies The Stepfather. You can find them in the gallery. I love the pictures of Amber!! The film released in France on December 16th next.
A new project of amber just be revealed, where she would play with Leighton Meester , star of Gossip Girl. The film is called Cowgirls Bandits , the two actresses play two bandits, one does not know more but it has to follow!