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The Stepfather Promos Stills

October 17th, 2009     6:17 pm

I have uploaded some stills and wallpapers of the movies The Stepfather. You can find them in the gallery. I love the pictures of Amber!! The film released in France on December 16th next.
A new project of amber just be revealed, where she would play with Leighton Meester , star of Gossip Girl. The film is called Cowgirls Bandits , the two actresses play two bandits, one does not know more but it has to follow!

Amber visits Planet Hollywood

October 14th, 2009     12:39 pm

I updated the previously photo album of Amber at the Premiere of The Stepfather. The album now contains 90 Pictures HQ and MQ. Amber visited Planet Hollywood recently, I have added 63 Pictures HQ and MQ in the gallery.

‘The Stepfather’ New York Premiere

October 13th, 2009     10:36 am

Amber went at the Premiere of The Stepfather, with her co-star Pen Bagdley, and others actors from the cast of Gossip Girl. Amber is truly sublime in her black dress with a gothic style perfect for the occasion. I have added 65 Pictures HQ and MQ.

Candids in the street

October 9th, 2009     10:07 pm

I have added candids of Amber walking in the street on October 5th, where she walks with a friend of her. Amber is lovely, as always. I have added 6 Pictures HQ.

‘Whip It’ Los Angeles Premiere

September 30th, 2009     3:55 pm

Amber went recently at the Premiere of Whip It, the movie that Drew Barymore directed. Pictures are very beautiful, and her clothes were amazing. I have added 60 pictures MQ and HQ in the gallery.