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Beautiful People 2011 Paper Mag

April 2nd, 2011     1:17 pm

Amber is Beautiful People 2011 on Paper Magazine this month. An article and one picture release on recently. She’s really natural and beautiful on this picture. You can read article below.

Being a hot blonde is not always easy, according to actress Amber Heard. “I fit a certain build and character that has very limited options in this industry.” After coming of age as hot blondes in Hidden Palms, Pineapple Express and Zombieland (where she succeeded in being both hot and a zombie, much to Jesse Eisenberg‘s character’s confusion), the 24-year-old has matured, along with her craft, playing more developed parts like Nic Cage’s attitude-and-estrogen-not-necessarily-in-that-order counterpart in Drive Angry. “I enjoy the ridiculousness of being able to talk about how much I love guns and cars.” But on a serious note, she adds, “Usually, women like that are written to be either sexy and insensitive or sensitive and weak — I love that I was able to make a strong character real.”

Things got really real (and sent the Internet into a tizzy) when she attended GLAAD’s 25th Anniversary party last December. Now, she does not refute her bi-sexuality but instead just chooses not to discuss it. “I don’t label myself one way or another,” she says. What that means privately is none of our business, but professionally, her layered, accomplished performance as Johnny Depp‘s love interest in the upcoming adaptation of Hunter S. Thompson’s The Rum Diary shows Heard transitioning from nuanced inge?nue to an artist in her own right. “I’ve made it a struggle and cut out a battle for myself to find roles I can do a little more with.”

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