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Drive Angry Interview & Candids

August 26th, 2010     9:58 pm

I have uploaded the lastest candid of Amber from August 23rd at Fred Segal in Beverly Hills. You can see 65 new HQ pictures. I also find an interview of Amber from where she talk about Drive Angry. You can read it below.

[…] Nicolas Cage and Amber Heard Drive Angry Press Conference Interview

Were there specific ways it affected your performance?

Amber Heard: “Elaborating on what he said, for me, part of it was feeling like you were a part of the audience, in a way, participating actively while you’re filming something. Acting and participating in how it’s going to be viewed later is kind of, in a weird way puts me in the audience’s position, and that was an interesting to go about filming something. I also know that we had certain shots, because this movie was conceived in 3-D and not converted, we had the privilege and opportunity to kind of manipulate some of our actions and blocking around how it would be viewed later. I threw some punches directly into the lens and I backed the car up almost over the camera a couple of times to create effects with specific results that it will achieve in the audience, viewing the film in 3D. I also have to say that I think movies when they’re converted later…I haven’t seen good examples of movies that so much. I see a lot of good 3-D that were shot in 3-D, but it’s harder to convert something and maintain the quality, no matter what you’re converting.”

Amber, what was it like to do such a physical role?

Amber Heard: “It’s one of the only movies where I actually get to kick some ass, but it’s surprisingly not too far from home. I mean, I’m from Texas and guns and fist fights and stuff are all part of the gig. Everything from the hot rod to the cowboy boots was close to home for me. I was happy.”

Amber, do you feel like genre films have stronger roles for women?

Amber Heard: “This seems like an action film to me. It does have supernatural elements to it, but in terms of strong female characters, that’s why I’m doing this job. I would be a model if I didn’t want to do something. For me, the genre serves sometimes as a good vehicle for young women in this business to actually have a role. It might not always be saving the day, but you certainly get to more than just play the girlfriend in horror films and thrillers. I’m drawn to them because I actually get to do something in them most of the time. And this one was on a different level completely. Piper, my character, is this bad-ass, potty-mouth, Daisy Duke-wearing, Charger-driving, gun-toting motherf–ker, and she doesn’t take any sh-t. Where else am I going to find that? This is the only script I’ve ever read with those elements.

Nicolas, what is your character’s relationship with anger?

Nicolas Cage: “It’s really not that simple for me. I can’t encapsulate everything about Milton in the word anger. There are other things also motivating his drive. Hopefully, when you see the movie, there are other dimensions to the character. It’s more like a sense of otherness and a purpose, but the anger is an anger that’s a residual anger of something that happened in another life. And I’ve probably said too much already. But I do want to talk about the relationship that Milton has not with anger but with Amber.”
“Piper provides the heart in the movie. When you see the movie, you’ll see what Amber did with it so beautifully. There is another element that may surprise you, where the film actually has a pretty deep, strong heart – and that’s not romantic. It’s like a partnership. I think it would be great if we could do another film because I love that relationship to deliver between Milton and Piper.”

Amber Heard: “I’m in!”

Read all interview with all the questions and answer of Nicolas Cage at

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