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944 Magazine & The Joneses

April 23rd, 2010     10:34 am

I have added the scans from the 944 Magazine of April with the beautiful shoot of Amber made by Amanda De Cadenet. I have uploaded two new stills from The Joneses.

Fashion Magazine & The Joneses

March 28th, 2010     9:26 pm

Thanks for your visits; the website have now more than 100/a day and more than 21400 hits from May, 23th , 2009!!! Thanks you so much!! I have found some pictures from the Fashion Magazine Photoshoot. Amber is so beautiful on this pics. I have made a new theme for the Photogallery with the Austin’s photoshoot. I hope you like it.

The Joneses official website is now launched , with pictures and more. The movies will be screen at the Dallas Film Festival of 2010. You can see the new UK trailer of the movies on this link. I have added many stills from the joneses movies.
Maybe , for Festival of Cannes 2010 , The Rum Diary where amber plays with Johnny Depp will be selectioned.

The Rum Diary by Bruce Robinson. According to the actor Aaron Eckhart, the movie has a chance to be at the Festival. This is adapted from a novel by Hunter Thompson. Once again, after Las Vegas Parano, including actor Johnny Depp’s alter-ego of the writer to the screen. The arrival of Depp (and Amber Heard) could add a touch of extra people to the event.

New look on Amber Heard Fan

March 7th, 2010     1:19 pm

Hey!! As you should see , Amber Heard fan is now revamp. And now the website is in English and French (choose language in the sidebar). I hope you like the new theme of the website , it was made and coded by me with the lastest outtakes of FHM magazine. Please tell me know what you think of this theme , and if you report some problems.

The poster of the movies The Joneses is now disponible in the gallery , and you can read the story and the links of official website and trailer below.

The first trailer for The Joneses is out and it has a lot of things working for it. First and foremost, it has David Duchovny and I’ll watch him in anything. Second, we have Demi Moore in a role reminiscent of her early 90’s days when she was a sex symbol, but that wasn’t the only thing she relied on to carry her through a movie. But probably most important is that the film has a cool story. David Duchovny and Demi Moore play the parents while Amber Heard and Ben Hollingsworth play the kids of a seemingly perfect American family. Only, they’re too perfect because they were placed there by a stealth marketing campaign to push various products on to unsuspecting neighbors. As the line in the trailer says; if they want you, they’ll want what you have.
The movie release on April 16th, 2010. The Official Website is now launched. You can see the Trailer of the movies here.

I have added the captures of Behind the scene of Fashion Magazine. I loooove this captures , and I hope the original outtakes release later. I also have added the captures of the new Joneses movie Trailer in UHQ.

Fashion magazine & movies

March 3rd, 2010     3:15 pm

Amber made the cover of Fashion magazine of the month of April , she’s beautiful , I hope that new photos are coming out!! You can see the article here. Amber is among the cast of a new movie with Nicolas Cage!!! In addition, The Ward of John Carpenter should release the 24th September in United States. You can also see the trailer for the movie The Joneses here.

We knew for several weeks that Nicolas Cage would play in the upcoming film by Patrick Lussier, entitled Drive angry. But for the moment, the actor of Lord of War was lonely on the cast. This is not the case!! We just learned that he was joined by Amber Heard, seen recently in Welcome to Zombieland.

Recall the history of Drive angry : A man decides to avenge the kidnapping of his daughter and the murder of his wife. Consumed by rage, he will track down those responsible for his misfortune.

The role of Amber Heard is not yet clear but it seems that it embodies a rather secondary coming to the aid of gentle heroes.

I also post the video of amber for the shoot of Fashion magazine. And the trailer of the movie The Joneses.

TIFF ‘ The Joneses ‘ Premiere & Portrait

September 16th, 2009     8:33 pm

I added some latest pictures of Amber at the Toronto film Festival she’s totaly amazing!!! I’ll add others pictures on this week end, I can’t add more for this moment. I add some stills from the movies The Stepfather. I also add the beautiful portrait of amber at the TIFF , she is absolutely sublime!!!